Countertop washbasin

Have you ever blown on a wet towel when bathing as a child?

If not, try it ...

This memory was the initial inspiration for Bubl's design. The shapes of the intersecting soap bubbles, cut out of a wonderful Basin. To shape the washbasin itself and to give the possibility to store the pieces it needs, around itself.

Bubl is a washbasin that combines a minimum of shape and a strong idea with something exceptional.


Luxolid® Mood
16 colors:

Studio Rem

Michael Rem, born in 1982, studied at the University of Fine Arts in Saarbrücken.

After working at Studio Aisslinger, he founded Studio Rem in Berlin and was directly nominated for the Talents Award by the German Design Council.

"I always try to create a thoughtful and emotional design that impresses with clever ideas and stories, based on an empathic reflection on the fundamentals of life".

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