Me-Tail® is a contemporary furnishing solution that combines the essential and minimalist design with the functionality of a complete washbasin area. The entire structure is made up of the following elements, fully customizable:

•Galvanized iron frame
available in matte-white and matte-black finishes

• Integrated Top,
disponibile in Texolid® marmo-resina o Luxolid®
solid-surface, in tutte le varianti di finitura e colore di ciascun materiale.

•Wooden chest of drawers
, disponibile con finitura naturale, laccato
o colore RAL.

• top with countertop washbasin,
countertop washbasin i luxolid ®, to be chosen from 50 models available.

• Mirror
with Luxolid® frame


Chest of drawers

integrated system

Top and washbasin