The materials we use to realize our products are entirely conceived,
studied and manufactured in our laboratories. Our special formulas are the outcome of research and experimentation.
Their aim is the excellence in technical performance and the absolute esthetical perfection.
Experience taught us that we can reach this achievement only combining the most modern production technologies
with the meticulous handwork of our specialized artisans.
For all of these reasons in Relax Design® we are like a family with the common aim of
guaranteeing style and Italian manufacture in order to offer wellness masterpieces.

Slide Zed Pleasure Talent System™ SHOW Z-Pleasure is the special bathtub designed by ZeTae Studio®, available with the exclusive patented Talent System? Whirlpool system. This model, which comfortably accommodates two people of medium build, micro-jets hidden from view and positioned in an unprecedented ergonomic profile, together with an RGB LED light blade source and the overflow system. The new Natural Beauty technology allows an innovative regenerating bath, rich in oxygen, capable of making the skin velvety and deeply cleansed. A benefit for body and mind.