Mini-hydromassage pool with whirlpool Talent System 2.0™

Design: ZeTae Studio

TIME is the mini-pool designed by ZeTae Studio®available with the exclusive patented Talent System 2.0 ™ whirlpool system Talent System 2.0™

This model, which comfortably accommodates two people of medium build, can be positioned both indoors and outdoors.

TIME is characterized by micro-jets hidden from view and positioned in the new ergonomic profile and incorporates invisible RGB light sources, for an exceptionally scenographic diffused lighting effect.

TIME represents the highest expression of technological innovation applied to hydromassage and is aimed at those who want uncompromising comfort, for new sensory experiences.

The innovative Talent System 2.0 ™ hydromassage system (patent pending) allows the distribution of the imperceptible spouts and the RGB LED lighting system along the entire perimeter of the inner shell of the mini-pool, for an enveloping wellness experience, total.

TIME was designed to comfortably accommodate two people of medium height. The ergonomic profile of the internal chaise longue guarantees correct posture and maximum habitability and facilitates every movement of the body within the water basin.

The jet nozzles are positioned behind the ergonomic profile of the shell, avoiding protrusions of the jets themselves for a completely new experience.

The RGB LED lighting is integrated into the vents, with the source hidden from view: the maximum diffusion and compactness of the light inside the mini-pool, with full and enveloping colors, guarantees an unprecedented well-being scenario.

The profile of the inner shell of the mini-pool discreetly hides the integrated overflow system and the water recirculation system.

The special gel cushions supplied are made to obtain maximum comfort from the ergonomic profile of the mini-pool: they adapt extremely naturally to the body and guarantee ideal support for the neck and head.


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