The shape reduced to its essence is the basis of the concept of this washbasin.

Like a carved TIKI mask, this washbasin is an image of the bathroom and capable of performing all the necessary functions: containing water, a shelf for storing objects or taps, and a compartment to insert the towel

A single size that can be installed suspended or with countertop, functionality in its pure state.


Luxolid® Mood
16 colors:

Luxolid® Lapillus™


ZeTae Studio

ZeTae was born in Naples in 2012 and it is the product and interior design studio of Ettore Ambrosio and Fabio Chianese.

Guided by the idea that the products set the time of an evolving design, the projects of the ZeTae studio are characterized by the dialogue they establish with the environment for which they are intended, and sometimes openly show the contaminations and influences at the base of their research, always characterized by a high attention to typically sartorial detail.

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