Freestanding bathtub

Like the crepidòma of an ancient temple, two rings rise upwards, made to host a large and well-proportioned basin. The stepped profile lends itself to being experienced as a multifunctional sharing space, perfect as a seat or shelf for objects and clothing.

A return to the past but with a modern outlook, a metaphorical climb to division between the divine and earthly world.

Luxolid® Mood
16 colors:

Luxolid® Lapillus™

Davide Lanfranco

Born in 1991, Davide is a multifaceted designer and artist, born in Turin where he graduated in Product Design at IAAD, defending his thesis with multinational companies.

In parallel with his career as a designer, Davide Lanfranco is also involved in musical research as a jazz multi-instrumentalist: “Improvisation is fundamental to me, a true constant and unstoppable creative process, which I adopt as my lifestyle”. 

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