Countertop washbasin

I remember my father taking a basin with water to shave, placing it in the sink, and starting its ritual with slow and calibrated gestures, the smell of coffee filling the house, rhythmically cleaning the razor of foam and hair in the basin. Yet the tap was there ... a sparing use of water, the legacy of a lack to which we could sadly return due to our negligence, then just as the notches on the large basin, the small basin becomes a visual and quantitative measure of consumption.


Luxolid® Mood
16 colors:


Designer, he lives and works in Pagani, Salerno. He studied at the Faculty of Architecture in Naples, soon showing wider expressive needs. He experiments with his own techniques and gestures of painting, sculpture, photography and theater, which he has poured into his work since 2001, the year in which his design studio was founded.

His work has a close link with local craftsmanship, whose collaborations enhance a search for essentiality and high-quality purism. Almost philosophical, the motive for his work follows a precise poetry, open to the inspirations of poetry and literature.

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