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New expressions of luxury and ergonomics.

In the contemporary context, the bathroom and the new values of conviviality and wellness let us and our designers to conceive an innovative, versatile collection of furniture with a style interested in formal and technical details.

The defining guidelines of this style have two different sources:

  • The first one is based on our experience and on the continuous research and testing. It involves the introduction of new hidden drainage systems or floor-level drainage system and the development of innovative molds for the creation of sinuous freestanding furniture.
  • The second one has a manufacturing and technical nature. It involves the production in laboratory of a new series of highly performing materials, symbols of new styling values and of sophistication.

It results in a collection of pieces that binds together luxury, perfect technical performances and quest for the authentic style of made in Italy.


Wellness Masterpieces


The materials we use to realize our products are entirely conceived, studied and manufactured in our laboratories.  Our special formulas are the outcome of research and experimentation. Their aim is the excellence in technical performance and the absolute esthetical perfection. Experience taught us that we can reach this achievement only combining the most modern production technologies with the meticulous handwork of our specialized artisans. For all of these reasons in Relax Design® we are like a family with the common aim of guaranteeing style and Italian manufacture in order to offer wellness masterpieces.


Texolid® is a special compound of acrylic resin, a highly performing material thanks to its technical characteristics and structural solidity. It is a compact material with homogeneous color and density in all its thickness. The production process includes two phases: injection molding and maturation. These let the material to be free of any internal tension, guaranteeing solidness, homogeneity, constancy and stability. Texolid® products are mass-colored and free from any surface treatment or painting and they are furthermore totally refurbishable. Texolid® finishes are three-dimensional surfaces, texturized to ensure an aesthetic yield of high visual impact and excellent ergonomics in terms of grip. Texolid® is not porous, so it is completely waterproof. It is endowed with a high resistance to abrasion and to thermal excursions up to 120° C.


Luxolid® is a synthetic compound based on selected polyacrylic resins and mineral fillers (aluminum trihydrate), realized by using mold through a polymeric process. The result is a material with a uniform structure, of a superior quality level compared to the products made from sheets: Luxolid® does not show differences in color or compactness in all of its surfaces. Luxolid® is exclusively made within Relax Design® production laboratories, from the choice of the raw material to the mixing, according to our exclusive formulas: it is the result of years of research and experimentation. The production process starts from the mixing of raw materials, according to our formulas Successively, the Luxolid® is injected into molds: therefore, the resulting product is made in a single melt without joint (typical of sheets) that could create alterations in color or cracks. Treatment and finishing process is made exclusively by hand by our expert artisans.




Clearlux® is an innovative synthetic material, the result of years of research and experimentation. Its composition based on special polyester resins combines the technical performance of a classic solid surface with an excellent aesthetic quality. An effect of transparency and reflections plays a central role in the exaltations of freestanding volumes, that are specifically selected by our designers. Clearlux® is a patented material and it is exclusively manufactured in our laboratories through injection molding techniques, that guarantee aesthetical excellence and make the finale product free

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